Join us for an experience you will never forget...

We are now "As seen on TV" currently featuring in the Florin Street Bands christmas single, video.

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Arraslea shires is built on the principles of providing a quality and reliable service. Our aim is to make a distictive and substantial impact.

We are fully insured and all our horses are trained to the highest of standards. They are all used to heavy traffic and all noises.

We are a family run business which is run by Lance, who is a farrier of 32 years,. Who has just had his new book published. Dyslexia. live it to know it.  if you want a copy please send £14 to lance rose at our address and we will send you a book .

Corinne ,who is a qualified BHS instructor. We both have a passion for the heavy horse and for keeping the rare breeds alive. All our horses and ponies are rare , native or unusual breeds.

new for this year we have built a luxury log cabin which sleeps 4 so why not come and stay with us whether you work the shires and clyesdales or not, just wake up and watch then gentle giants out the window. what can be better than that

come and see for your self. a real get a way from it into the great derbyshire countryside

see the log cabin web site on

Let me introduce you to the horses;


He is a black shire gelding.  10 years old and stands 17.2hhs high . We use him for all the activities we do. He's a all rounder, very laid back and loves people.


He is Harrys full brother and is also black.12 years old and stands 17.3hhs high. We use chester for the field work and demonstration


Ivys foal. She is black with four white legs. She is very laid back. She is now coming up 4 so this year we will brake her to harness and the saddle. She stands around 16.2 at the moment. shes so lovable. she always wants a kiss.


Chelsea is a dales x clydsdale,     black mare who stands 14.3hhs high. She is used for the driving lessons as she is an ideal size for learning she is also used for logging, driving and demonstrations. She is an all rounder and loves attention


Tinkerbell is a miniture shetland filly  who is very small. She is piebald ( black and white) and is now 6years old. She is used as our mascot and promotion and travels around with us. She loves all the attention. we have broke tinks to drive now and she looks real cute.Tinks gave birth to Angus on easter night. He is miniture shetland cross miniture horse and is diddy! he brown and white and very adorabe


Maggie is our  clydsedale. She is 16.2 hhs and a real head turner. She has four white socks and a white face. She is a bright bay colour with white splashes over her body(roan in places) She is 16 yrs young and is in foal to a very nice clydesdale stallion called arclid avenger due to be born in  july 2012.


Maggies foal. Duke is a colt. He was born on the 1st of june 2010. He is chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail with white splashes under his tummy, chest and throat. Hes a real stunner and he is very cheeky! He is 4 now and  just had a saddle and bridle on and he dint mind one bit!


maggies foal. born 2013 july. filly clydesdale foal. really friendly and will be a great ride and drive